Fund Management Service

WMK Fund Management Service

We manage funds on behalf of u !! Those of whom have no time to Trade Independently but willing to Invest in the Vast Forex Market which has Trillions of Dollars exposure Daily, they are very much welcome to our fund management service, the rules are:

Rules for Manage Funds in WMK Group >>

1 ) If u know that u can loss in Forex Trading and if u have the mentality to accept that loss, moreover, if u have faith in our Trading methodology, then U can give us ur fund to manage.

2) U must have minimum 1000 USD in ur account, maximum, well as per ur capacity, u will decide what is maximum. U will get the 60% of the profit, and rest 40% goes to WMK Group.

3) If u do not like our trading, u can take back ur account any time u want.

4) Only Washim Fx will manage fund on behalf of our group, REPEAT, Only Washim Fx will manage fund. U must have to contact with Washim Fxbefore u deposit fund to your account and give it to us.