WMK Team were born
WMK Team were born with some talented people. They connected with financial market since 2005. In this team there have fundamental analyst, Elliott wave analyst and price action analyst.
Get a Huge response from traders!
WMK Team work hard for traders to get profit. At first they provide the service of regular signal service. In this service traders get minimum 500 pips in a month. If the team unable to provide less than 500 pips the next month become free. But it was rare.
Dominating Forex Team in the Market
Now WMK Team provide Forex Signal, Fund Management, Eliott Wave Education, Price Action Education, Trading Analysis, Trading Psychology, Trading Startegy.
Why choose us

Since 2014, WMK Team provide different kinds of service for forex traders like signal service, fund management service, education etc. Do you want to check the accuracy of our signal service? Please check the following link:

Myfxbook Link: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/washim/wmk-paid-signal-account/1558363


This is a real account and it says from the February of 2016 to October of 2016 we earn almost 30,000 pips. Yes you heard right. It’s thirty thousand pips. Then why you will not take our service and riding on the boat for pips hunting?

Individual Investors
Brokerage Accounts
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We are working hard to give you the best service. We promise to you that if you will take our service for 3month you will be a fan of us.

WMK Team’S presence

Fund Management

We manage funds on behalf of u !! Those of whom have no time to Trade Independently but willing to Invest in the Vast Forex Market which has Trillions of Dollars exposure Daily, they are very much welcome to our fund management service. Learn more: https://goo.gl/O7bzLK

Market Analysis

We do market analysis and we are working on forex, commodities and stock market. The base of our analysis is price action and Elliott wave theory. We regularly update our blog section and with analysis service.

Regular Signal Service

We are here with our amazing Regular PAID Signal Service. To learn more about regular signal service visit https://goo.gl/YlXPgk

Premium Signal Service

We are here with our amazing Premium PAID Signal Service. To learn more visit https://goo.gl/HkXltV